The fashion style and beauty tips of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a celebrity who wants to live a care free life but she has a very sophisticated sense of style. She was once a stylist for a number of renowned celebrities. She was sought after by many of them because she knew what suits one best and made everything she touched turn to gold. She had the experience. Her fashion line has attracted many people because she blends in together a number of outfits that make up the perfect outfit. She has a knack for knowing what best suits who depending on their skin type and basic style of dress as well as occasion being dressed for.

You will realize that Kim changes her looks from time to time. She was recently quoted to having said that she is not afraid to try anything new. That to her is what makes her looks flawless and always appears groomed. Everybody identifies Kim Kardashian with beauty and glamour.

Kim Kardashian fashion

To keep her face looking radiant she says she never sleeps with makeup. “Sleeping with makeup makes the skin not breathe”, she says “that’s why I always clean my face properly before bed using a specific cleanser.” During the day she keeps her face protected with sunscreen to prevent sunburns. This is the utmost skincare procedure. Her makeup kit consists of black eyeliner, mascara, nude colored lipstick not forgetting a light blush.

Over the years Kim has changed her sense of fashion. From how she looked to the current glamorous Kim, there is a notable change especially in terms of dressing. At 15 she liked to wear tight jeans and less make up but now she is on top of the world with skinny jeans, flawless tops and knee length boots. Her sense of style has moved in to the direction from who she was then to the current skyrocketing star she is today.

She loves to cover her curves with silk dresses so that she accentuates those unique sexy curves. When dressed up in pink and shiny blue Kim always appears super cute and she always stands out in the crowd. These colors always compliment most of her not so light features which appear hidden. Back in the days when she was petite she dressed differently from now. Her new found curves require a different style of dressing to accentuate them.

Her role in the fashion world is reflected on how she dresses. Kim has never failed to leave people admiring and wanting more of her. For those that are keen on fashion will realize that her clothing is keen on detail and her pieces are always fitted together in a professional way.

Kim loves to dress elegantly and when not into something formal she loves dressing casually but still keeps her image and body intact. Moreover, she incorporates some jewelry when she dresses up which range from silver necklaces and wristlets to belts fitted with studs. Her usual colors of clothes include gray, black and white.

When dressing up for an evening, she loves long sleeved dresses mostly mini but covered up with a blazer. Her dressing is always on trend and never disappoints the crowd.

Kim Kardashian’s fashion really inspires many people who do their best to identify with her sense of style. She gives tips on dressing anybody from size 0-14. It is all about bringing out the best in you in every way. Over and over Kim never fails to insist that baggy dressing should be avoided at all costs. This is because your body will not be flattered and a different image of someone will always be sent out. No matter how tiny or huge you are she says one should wear only fitting clothes that will bring you’re your body shape.

She is truly a fashion icon whose tips go a long way to make the today woman confident about themselves. Her fashion sense is what drove her to starting her own line of clothes. One characteristic about her that stands out is that she is never afraid to take risks in terms of fashion and no matter the occasion she will always dress up to impress.

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