Kim Kardashian is Being Spotted by Morgan Spurlock

Kim Kardashian is an American television personality, businesswoman, model, actress and socialite. Born on October 21, 1980, Kim is the daughter of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian. She first rose to fame in October 2007 when her family starred in “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

Kim Kardashian spotted by Morgan Spurlock

Past news about her stated that the father of her baby is her ex boyfriend in the name of Ray J. Right now, the actress is working hard in returning her sex appeal to the eyes of her fans by trying to enter the world of American television once again after a long vacation due to her maternity leave.

Latest news about Kim was all about her connection to one of the famous film directors known as Morgan Spurlock. Morgan Spurlock was spotted last day in LAX taking pictures of Kim Kardashian after her long trip from Paris. The director was well known for his excellent works about the paparazzi, fame and celebrities. He is a man who is very interested in making films that include beautiful ladies and sexy scenes. One of his great works that is already included in the list of the most amazing films in America is the film entitled “This is Us”. The film was said to be a product of his efforts together with the so called One Direction cuties in America.

Many ideas and opinions regarding the unexpected behavior of the director in the past few days were being criticized by media men. Different individuals coming from several media institutions were trying to find out why Morgan Spurlock tried to take so many pictures of Kim Kardashian together with the other photographers during the time when Kim was walking in the pathways of LAX. Many people said that maybe, the reason of Spurlock for doing such thing is because of his special motive. The opinion was based on the fact that the director is still finalizing his plan for his next project in line with his paparazzi, fame and celebrities.

There is a possibility that Morgan Spurlock wants to take Kim Kardashian as one of his star actresses in the next part of the paparazzi, fame and celebrities. The issue has nothing to do with the actress’s old issues in her life, most especially about her new life as a mother. Right now, Kim is very busy with her new projects and her responsibilities to her angel as a mother. After a short visit in Paris, the actress is now involved in another issue about her career. Many people were expecting that because of the pictures taken by Morgan Spurlock, the actress will accept the offer of paparazzi, fame and celebrities in its next launching headed by the mentioned director who really tried to get her attention and the interest of many people after this latest news in the American showbiz. Spurlock may not be the best film creator in America, but he is already good enough to provide Kim Kardashian a better start for her new life in television.

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